Ultra Runner Research

Marathon Globetrotter member Leo Lundy is leading a running research project and we invite our members to participate.

Leo has been a full member of Marathon Globetrotters since 2015 and featured in issue 6 of the newsletter. He is currently a researcher at Trinity College Dublin, which is the leading university in Ireland and one of the top 100 of universities in the world.

The study looks at factors like motivation, training, injuries, recovery, mental and physical health and COVID.  Marathon Globetrotters feature as an award club in the survey.

It is a 2 stage project: Stage 1 is a survey which is now live and has full ethical and data protection approval from the university. Stage 2 will bring some multi marathoners into the labs at Trinity to test their fitness and cognitive function.

Trinity College will share the results of the study with the Globetrotters.

Please feel free to take the survey https://multimarathon.study/survey