2023 Annual Meeting Papua New Guinea July 29, 2023

Introduction by Jane Sturzaker, our host for the Port Moresby Event

President Kevin Brosi: 2 PM Call meeting to order

Greeting and Election of President, candidate nominations

Election (5) All 5 were re-elected with Seth Kramer to be replaced by Pei

Director of Membership, Eddy Angkawibawa

Director of Publicity, Cheri Pompeo

Director of Electronic Media, Don Bierer

Director of Finance, Seth Kramer wished to pass his duties on. New candidate Muantawan Arsrairas (Pei)

Director of Awards, Lara Gonzalez

Introduction of Ambassadors (10)

Western Europe; France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Monaco, Gibraltar, Belgium and Luxembourg: Cazala Didier (France)

Northwestern Europe; Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Sweden/Norway: Vagn Kirkelund (Denmark)

North Central Europe: Zdeněk Chmel (Czech Republic)

DACH; Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein: Frank Fuessl (Germany)

North East Europe (Baltic): Wojtek Machnik (Poland) 

South East Europe (Balkans and ex-Yu): Srećko Mićić (Serbia)

Southeast Asia: Revi Fayola Sitompul (Indonesia)

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore: Sam Chong (China), lost contact! Does anyone know how to contact Sam Chong? -no reply

Oceania: Jane Sturzaker (Australia)

South America: Leonel Wallau (Brazil)

Caribbean: John Lum Young (Trinidad and Tobago)

Africa: Dayo Akinbode (Nigeria)

USA East: Fran Libasci

USA West: Lynne Langlois

Social Media, Lara Gonzalez  

Membership: Eddy Angkawibawa

Membership statistics

1. Total Members = 673 from 53 countries (413 Full Members and 260 Provisional Members).

2. Countries with 20 Members or more : United States (184), England (65), Denmark (59), Sweden (39), France (35), Germany (30), Indonesia (29), Brazil (29), Poland (20).

3. Members who have run in 50 countries or more = 46 Members.

4. Following Members have run in 100 countries or more :

Brent Weigner (US) 201 countries

Klaus Westphal (Germany) 146 countries

Wojciech Machnik (Poland) 142 countries

Rich Holmes (US) 129 countries

Dieter Max Elster (Germany) 128 countries

Vagn Kirkelund (Netherlands) 124 countries

Philippe Waroux (France) 122 countries

Dan Micola (England) 117 countries

Sidy Diallo (France) 101 countries

As always the members are busy and many have more countries than stated above.

Finance report

MG Finance Report (in USD)
15-JUL-2022 Bal8410.96
15-JUL-2023 Bal3133.54
Amazon Smile55.78
Income Total1473.08
Paypal Fees41.28
Stock (shirts/hats, etc)368
Website CostsThis YearAnnualized Ongoing
Design/Setup Company5217.94207.5
Hosting (3 yrs)651.96225
Email Marketing287.85360
Domain Reg12.7012.70
Comment Spam Filter1212

Merchandise, possible new manager(s) may help in Europe, orders are being fulfilled, Kevin brought 10 hats, order anytime

Website – Planned website changes

  1. Dues infrastructure:  payment method, reminders to pay, thank you message upon payment, delinquent notices, members in good standing category, delinquent members category: delinquent members will not be able to use member login functions (add races, race calendar, etc). 
  2. Deletion of data needs to be automated.  When members request to quit, data needs to be deleted when requested. 
  3. Ambassador page needs to be updated. Need to also change this so that we can update this page
  4. New search functions (for example, search on countries not run by a member). Helps race organizers
  5. Automate Awards certificate process. Do we want to be completely automated upon completion of a flag, or allow user to print their own certificates following approval by the Awards Director? Or both?
  6. Founders page (10 year anniversary)
  7. Exception process on website instead of word document?
  8. Charity and Donation Page – remove Amazon Smile. Any ideas for something else?  
  9. Cyprus – Europe or Asia?
  10. Profile page:  do we want to allow members to list other running clubs that they belong to on their profile page?
  11. Request to see database (administrator s only)
  12. Merchandise changes – precalculation of shipping charges, new changes, new merchandise … need new merchandise manager input

Special Turks rule vote

Dues Bylaws change, propose start July 1, 2024 $10

      Discussion of penalty for nonpayment of dues such as removing access to the website. Data would remain on website unless the member asked for deletion.

Rule # 24: Special “Turks rule”. If an annual marathon event is held for 3 or more years and 1 or more of the years has less than 10 finishers (not satisfying rule #10), then the Membership Director may approve the submitted race result without need to submit an exception form and will make a note in the records.  The member must comment on this circumstance at time of submission (because it does not satisfy Rule # 10) and may receive a clarifying email from the Membership Director prior to approval.  In order to be considered 1 of the 3 or more years must have reached 10 or more finishers. This means that if the event never reaches 10 finishers over the course of its lifetime this rule is not satisfied.  In that case an exception may still be submitted.

Next Annual meeting vote

Proposals with Host, No options from hosts were proposed at this time.

Club feedback

Countries, Bylaws changes, new business, member feedback – no feedback.

Meeting attendees:

Muantawan Arsrairas (Pei) US/TH, Amanda Barlow AU, Donald Bierer DE, Kevin Brosi US, Howard Choi US, Thomas Craven US,  Klaus Egedesoe DK, Ryszard Ellert PL, Dieter Max Elster DE, Steven Fuller US, Elizabeth Gmerek US, Thomas Godlewsky DE, Alicja Grace US, Richard Holmes US, Jeanne Holmes US, Jay Johnson US, Jodi Johnson US, Wojciech Machnik PL, Karen Michelsen CA, Cheri Pompeo US, Gregg Walchli US, Edson Sanches US, Alexander Scherz CH, Jane Sturzaker AU, Chait Suwannarat     TH, Philippe Waroux FR, Brent Weigner US,  Frances Labasci           US, Thomas Brand US, Yvonne Dubois HK,

The group moved outside for the attendee photo.