Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us

A new law called the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed by the European Commission and came into effect on 25 May 2018. Although Marathon Globetrotters is not a European entity, we conduct business in and have members from Europe. This new regulation requires us to contact our members and inform them about what types of information we collect, how this data is used, and receive permission to do so. It is very important that every member read this carefully and decide whether you agree with our privacy policy or not.

What is the GDPR?

Basically the law allows the customer to take back control of their personal information. You decide what personal information is collected and how it can be shared. You also have the option to opt-out at anytime and to be forgotten. If interested, you can read more about GDPR.

What types of information do we collect?

We request some personal information when members sign up, such as:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Gender
  • Date of birth (partial)
  • City and state of residence
  • Country of residence
  • Country of citizenship
  • Blog information
  • Marathon information

Membership profiles are also collected on a voluntary basis.

When you log into the Marathon Globetrotter website, your IP address is collected and a cookie is generated.

Third party social media widgets are used on our website (Facebook, Twitter, Strava, Google Analytic). These widgets track user’s IP addresses and cookies.

We will soon begin to sell Marathon Globetrotter merchandise. In addition to some of the above information being necessary, we will also have to request credit card information in order to process a purchase.

The above information we consider to be business critical for day-to-day operations.

What types of information do we share?

Your name and place of residence (city, country), country totals, number of flags, and member type are displayed on our website (member listing).

Member profiles (voluntary submissions) are also displayed on our website.

Membership information is stored in Google Apps (name, email address, race information), but such information is only accessible by the officers.

Facebook is used to congratulate members to flag levels and therefore some personal information is shared within the closed Facebook Marathon Globetrotters group (name, city and country of residence, flag level).

Information necessary to process the purchase of Marathon Globetrotter merchandise will be shared with analytical partners for the purpose of processing a payment, but will not otherwise be saved.

No other information will be shared with third parties without your explicit consent.

Continued use of our website and services and membership in Marathon Globetrotters acknowledges acceptance of our privacy policy.

Should you not agree with our privacy policy and wish to no longer be a member of Marathon Globetrotters (opt-out), contact one of the officers in writing by email.