11th Annual Club Meeting

— Malbun, Liechtenstein, Europe

2024 Marathon in Malbun, Liechtenstein

Saturday May 25, 8:00 am

The Alpine Marathon in Liechtenstein has historically been the only marathon in Liechtenstein.  Unfortunately, the difficult mountain terrain of the course and the strict cut-off times for 10 km (75 min) and 25.5 km in Steg (4 hours) make it difficult for some runners to complete this course.  In 2023 the first Malbun Marathon was held as an alternative to the Alpine Marathon.  16 runners completed the course.  This year, the 2nd Annual Malbun Marathon will take place on Saturday May 25, 2024. 

Malbun is a small ski resort village in Liechtenstein that technically is an exclave of the municipality of Triesenburg.  It is located at the end of the main road through Liechtenstein from Vaduz through Steg.  At 1600 meters elevation, it is the only ski resort in Liechtenstein.  The main livelihood for people living in Malbun centers around tourism.  In the summer months, Malbun is a popular destination for biking and hiking. The scenery is very picturesque. The trail below is part of the marathon course.

Race Hotel: The Hotel Turna is our sponsor hotel.

The Hotel Turna is a family run hotel.  The race begins and ends at the Hotel Turna.

Course: The course is a loop course.  Each loop is about 3.54 km.  12 laps are required to complete the marathon.  A half-marathon will also be offered (6 laps).  From the hotel parking lot, the course proceeds slightly downhill through town for about 400 meters, until one reaches a large parking lot.  This is the turnaround point (will be marked).  Going downhill, we run on the right side of the road.  The course then proceeds uphill (running on the other side of the road).  Once we pass the hotel, the course transitions to a paved surface (like the one shown in the photo).  The course proceeds about 1.3 km uphill.  At this point, there is a right turn (will be marked) onto a gravel/dirt path for about 200 meters to a wooden bridge, which we cross.  After the bridge, the trail is slightly downhill/flat for about 300 meters, then transitions to pavement.  The course continues downhill until the village is reached.  There is a right turn to reach the main road, go 30 meters, cross the street, and turn left and run on the right side to reach the same parking lot again.  At this turnaround, run uphill again to the hotel.  Once you reach the hotel, this completes one lap.

In keeping with the alpine nature of Liechtenstein, the course is not easy. The 1.3 km uphill climbs about 100 meters.  Some people will find it more convenient to walk portions of the course.  But the lack of time-cutoffs makes this an easier course.  Everyone will be allowed to finish if they want to finish.

Race website:  https://runmalbun.de/

Start time:  8:00 am

Time Limit:  8+ hours

Refreshment Table:  A refreshment table will be set up in the parking lot of the hotel at the start/finish.  Water, cola, and tea will be offered, as well as some snacks.

Bag drop-off:  There will be a bag drop-off at the start.

Toilets:  Inside the ground floor of the hotel.

Race Registration:  Registration information is on the website: https://runmalbun.de/registration/

Race Director:  Donald Bierer

Race Results:  Results from the 2024 Malbun Marathon will be posted on the website: 


Hotel information:  the Hotel Turna has been pre-reserved for runners of the Malbun Marathon.  Thus, online booking is not possible.  If you wish to stay at this hotel, please send an email to


Mention that you are running the Malbun Marathon (Marathon Code: Marathon 2024).

The hotel has 15 rooms, so decide early if you want to stay at this hotel.

Rooms at Hotel Turna cost 180 CHF (double room) and 115 CHF (single room).

The Malbun village officially opens the June 1st weekend for the summer holiday season, so many establishments for the race weekend are still closed.  This makes it nice for the marathon, as there will be very little traffic on the part of the course running through the town. There is only one other hotel open on the race weekend that can be used if the Hotel Turna sells out.  It is a larger hotel located about 700 meters from the Hotel Turna.  It’s name is the Jufa Hotel Malbun.


There are other hotels located further down the main road in Triesenburg or in Vaduz.  Bus travel would be required if one chooses this option to get to the start and to return.  The bus stop is in front of the hotel.

Currency:  Swiss Francs (CHF).  Euros also accepted, but change is often returned in Swiss Francs.

Electrical Adapters:

Liechtenstein uses Type J plugs and Type C plugs. 

Don’t forget your travel adapter (same as Switzerland)

Sometimes the Type F are available.  Some of the rooms in the Hotel Turna have at least one of these Type F sockets available.

Voltage 230 V and the voltage frequency is 50 Hz.

Travel Information:

It is most convenient to fly into Zurich if you can.  There are no airports in Liechtenstein. From Zurich, there are two options:

  1. Car rental
  2. Train to Sargans.  https://www.sbb.ch/de
    Sargans is on the Swiss – Liechtenstein border. 

From Sargans, take the bus (number 11) to Vaduz.  Get off at the Vaduz Post.

From Vaduz, take the local bus to Malbun.  Get off at the last stop.  This is the Hotel Turna.  https://liemobil.li/de

  • From Sargans, one can also take a taxi or Uber
  • The hotel has a shuttle van with a maximum of 9 passengers.  If you prefer this option, please contact the Hotel Turna.  The hotel charges 60 CHF for this service.

Race Bib pickup:

  1. You can pick up your bib at breakfast on May 25. 
  2. For those staying at the Hotel Turna, you can pick up your bib at check-in on May 24 or at the Marathon Globetrotters meeting
  3. You can pick up your bib at 7:30-7:45 AM, on race day.

Malbun Marathon Race Rules:

Please read over the rules posted on the website.  https://runmalbun.de/race-rules/
Most important are:

  1. It is mandatory that all runners wear a GPS watch (Garmin, Apple, COROS, etc) during the race.  No GPS watch = no finish time
  2. A signed waiver form is necessary to be able to compete in the Malbun Marathon.  The forms will be sent to all runners in March and can be returned by email or at the race.

We are relying on donations to help defray the medal and bib costs and to provide a tip to the hotel staff. Without the help of the hotel staff, this marathon would not be possible.


As most establishments have not opened yet, the best option is to eat at the hotel. 
There will be a before and after race dinner on Saturday for those that wish to participate (must be paid for by the participant).  Breakfast at the hotel opens at 7:00 am for hotel guests.

Things to do while in Malbun:

The bus (bus stop in front of the hotel) can be taken to Triesenburg or to Vaduz.  The bus runs every 30 minutes.  If the bike rental shop in Malbun is open, this is also an option.  For snacks, groceries, etc, there is a small grocery store in Triesenburg (at the bus stop in Triesenburg).  If the weather is nice, hiking is an option.  There are a lot of hiking trails in and around Malbun.

Top sites to see in Vaduz:


There is a nice pedestrian area to walk around in the center of Vaduz.

Some FAQS on Liechtenstein: