6th Annual Club Meeting

— Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Our 6th Annual Club Meeting and Reunion was held Saturday afternoon, September 21, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We ran the Buenos Aires Marathon on Sunday September 22, 2019. 

Race Info

Medical certificate required for all the participants.

Race Sign Up

For those of you planning to run the Marathon Globetrotters reunion race in Buenos Aires on September 22, 2019, we now have a DISCOUNT CODE!
The discount code is V52NV2JK
Please use the discount code when signing up

Meeting Location

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019
Time: To be determined
Address: TBD


Please check the link for the latest updates


The Buenos Aires Marathon has been held every year from 1984. It is the largest marathon of South America and IAAF certified. The race course is mainly flat and goes through Buenos Aires most iconic neighborhoods running also along the Rio de la Plata. Around 10,000 runners participated in the event in recent editions, making it the biggest marathon of South America.

Buenos Aires Marathon Lodging

The Urbanica Suites Hotel is located one mile from the start of the marathon in a very nice neighborhood in Buenos Aires. We plan to have this as our host hotel if the meeting room is adequate. A room with twin beds and 2 people is 145USD per night. A double room is 125USD for 1 person and 140USD for 2 people and breakfast is included. On marathon day breakfast will be ready early. The hotel has set aside 10 single rooms and 10 double rooms. Prices would hold for two or three weeks, but subject to availability.
a discount code for the preferred hotel
Hotel SARUM is 3K from the start of the marathon and they charge 110USD for a single and 130USD for a double.
Hotel Argenta suites is 2.5 kilometers from the start but it is much more expensive: 195USD.


Buenos Aires is easily accessed via Ezeiza International Airport which is 35kms outside the city which can be reached by bus or taxi.

Moving around Buenos Aires is easy by public transport, Buenos Aires has a well-organized bus system and a metro which makes getting anywhere very easy. Taxi is also an option a there are bike tours available to get to know more the town.


Buenos Aires is known as the Paris of South America. Its wonderful architecture and its very interesting museums speak for itself. With around 14 million inhabitants this city is the main economic centre of the country has much to offer for every taste, fine eateries, good street food, museums and fun walks around the city. The hometown of Tango, where people go crazy about their two football teams, Boca and River. A match is worth seeing while in town. For a city escape one can always visit the district of el Tigre, a small town which sits on an island created by several small streams and rivers and was founded in 1820. Reachable by a scenic train in 28 km one forgets about the speed and hustle of a mega city like Buenos Aires.

For those looking for a jungle escape can always visit Puerto Iguazu, the triple frontier between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil in the Parana river which has iconic and majestic Iguazu falls dividing Argentina and Brazil. One can visit the falls from both the Brazilian and the Argentinian side, the Argentinian side is a national natural park. Flights from Buenos Aires take an hour and are very frequent.
website: iguazuargentina.com/es/parque-nacional-iguazu

Nearby race on adjacent weekend(s)

  • Iguazú marathon in Brazil would be one week after on September 29, 2019.
    Date: Sunday, September 29, 2019
    Website: www.sescpr.com.br/maratona/
Buenos Aires 2019 Reunion