Kevin Brosi

Kevin Brosi


Kevin Brosi took up running in 1973. He ran the 880 (yards) for his track team at Fort Madison Iowa High School. Only two other guys wanted to run such a long distance. Kevin started running marathons in 1986. He ran the Dallas White Rock Marathon in the rain at 42 degrees Fahrenheit (similar to Boston 2015). He was fine until he finished, then he started to shake uncontrollably. Running a marathon had been on his bucket list since 1973, so it took a while. It also took him another nine years to run the second one, maybe because of that hypothermia thing. It was the first and last marathon that all his kids came to watch! They were cold, wet and bored. Kevin has now run 927 marathons, many of those with his girlfriend Elizabeth Gmerek. He is the 9th American on the mega-marathon list and is on a quest to reach and exceed 1000. He has run marathons in 50 countries and says he should have started that quest sooner. He has been to over 70 countries, but all he logged was a training run and 3+ million American Airlines miles! Kevin’s biggest thrill was qualifying for Boston in 2003 after 15 marathons. His son Heath was driving around and tracking him the whole way, which made it a great thrill. Then he ran Boston in 2004 and 2005. Over the years, he has met many people that were there with him! He’ is also a 50 states finisher 7 times. He took on a personal challenge in 2012 to run all the Texas marathons. Of 77, only 54 were possible because of same day conflicts, and he ran 53, missing one on Christmas day. It was during that year that he met what they now fondly call the "Texas Usual Suspects”, a collection of Texas marathoners that are at nearly every Texas marathon week after week, year after year. They are great friendly people that have a Texas running problem. The joke is, “You know, there are marathons outside Texas." Many years ago, Kevin started his career as an Electrical Engineer designing radios for Motorola. Now he is retired and travels all the time.  Kevin has four kids, all living in Texas, and five grand- kids. He has a note in his Maniac profile that says “He only runs 1 marathon a month”. That has not been true since the day he posted it.  It's more than one. Kevin’s son Heath is also a marathoner and finished Boston in 2:54. Kevin is jealous of his speed and wonders where he got it.

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