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Statement on the Saint Peter’s Marathon

Name of the Race: Saint Peter’s Marathon
Country : Vatican Holy See (Vatican City State)
Race Date : January 19, 2019

The MG Board of Directors originally voted not to consider the Saint Peters Marathon 2019 as a legitimate marathon based on the information that was communicated to us at the time: that official permission for the race would not be sought; that participants would be on a training run if questioned by authorities; and that race bibs would not be worn. This appeared to us that an effort was being made to hide the race, and that Rule 23 was being violated. We thereafter announced to members that the Saint Peters Marathon 2019 would not count as an official race for MG.

However based on new information that was received after the race was run, the board of Marathon Globetrotters changed its position regarding this event and decided to accept it as a legitimate marathon event. The reason for this reversal is that a Race Exception to the rules was filed, and although we could not definitively verify whether local laws in the Vatican and in Rome were being complied with (Rule 23), it appeared that a good faith effort was made on race day to receive permission from Vatican officials, and from the police and Swiss Guards who were present, to start the race.

We would like to stress that race bibs should be offered for future events. We hope that this race will serve as a catalyst for future events in the Vatican and that race directors will obtain permission from an official authority of the Vatican prior to any future race.

Last update date : February 27, 2019